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If you are injured, what should you do?

Legally, We Can't Say That We Are the Best Personal Injury or Construction Site Accident Law Firm in New York. But, Before You Talk to An Insurance Adjuster, Sign any Forms or Hire an Attorney For Your New York Injury Case--Take A Few Minutes and Watch our Video:

You simply want to get in an honest day's work, which includes waking up, getting to your job, doing what you do best, and then going home to your family in one piece.  

But what happens when you are involved in an accident that could easily have been prevented? How will it affect your life?  

Property owners have a responsibility to provide you with an environment free of hazards that could result in injury, whether you are a worker on a job site, a patron shopping at a store, or a visitor in a hotel.  

All too often, safety measures are ignored or overlooked, and hundreds of New Yorkers are injured each year in preventable accidents.  

That's where we come in. Our main goal at Smyth Nora, LLP is to seek justice for those who have been injured due to the negligence of others. We represent construction workers injured from falls from heights, as well as individuals who have been hurt in slip and fall accidents.  

Let's take a deeper look into what we focus our practice on:  

Falls from Heights: Labor Law 240  

Would you know what to do if you were involved in a New York construction accident, such as a fall from heights or an injury from a falling object? These types of accidents can cause painful injuries, but they also can disrupt your whole life.  

At Smyth Nora, we help construction workers who have suffered from: 
  • Falls from elevated work surfaces  
  • Falls from ladders  
  • Falls from roofs  
  • Injuries from dropped objects  
  • Accidents involving scaffolding or lack of scaffolding  
  • Other types of job site injuries relating to New York Labor Law 240  

Now what? After a family deals with the nightmare of a loved one suffering an injury, countless questions arise, such as:  

  • How did this happen? One minute I'm working hard at my job, and the next thing I know I'm injured on the ground.  
  • Who is going to pay for my medical bills?  
  • How is this going to affect my ability to support my family?  
  • I can't work. When will I be back on the job?  
  • Who is going to pay for my lost wages?  
  • How do I prove the accident on the construction site wasn't my fault?  

Dealing with these issues during a time when you are trying to regain your health can seem nearly impossible.  

Our Labor Law 240 and construction site accident attorneys at Smyth Nora focus on educating clients so that we can work with them as a team to obtain the compensation to which they are entitled. Our construction attorneys also handle cases involving Labor Law 200 and 241.  

Contact a New York construction accident attorney for more information and answers to your questions.

Slip-Fall and Trip-Fall Accidents  

Few things are worse than an unexpected fall or trip. The immediate embarrassment is nothing compared to the serious injuries that can occur, on top of having to discover who is responsible for the accident.  

New York slip and fall accidents  can be caused by a variety of reasons, including:  
  • Wet floors
  • Poor lighting
  • Cracks in the floor, sidewalk, or parking lot
  • Lack of handrails
  • Broken or uneven stairs
  • Improper snow or ice removal  

These accidents can result in serious injury, such as:  
  • Fractures
  • Serious neck and back injuries, causing paralysis or impaired movement
  • Broken hips
  • Torn ligaments in the knee
  • Traumatic brain injuries  

New York
slip and fall injury cases can be tricky, regardless of the pain such accidents can bring. Many times, the liability is unclear, and you might be asked such questions as:  
  • Did the landlord abandon his duty of reasonable care?  
  • Was this a foreseeable accident or injury?  
  • What was the condition of the premises?  

But what do these questions mean? All you know is that you slipped and fell because of a problem in the environment, and now you are hurt.  

Let our attorneys help you and teach you what to do.  

We work with our clients as a team, and education is our main focus. We can explain to you what you are up against, and also show you the important steps to take after a slip and fall accident, in order to help you protect your rights.  

Some of these steps include:  
  • Seeking treatment immediately with a certified M.D. to increase the chances of a full recovery.  
  • Making sure to follow all doctors' orders, including attendance at all required therapy treatments and appointments.  
  • Never exaggerating the extent of the injury or trying to link unrelated medical problems to the accident.
  • Documenting the accident scene right away with photos and witness statements. Having photographs of what caused you to fall is imperative. Chances are that the problem will be fixed immediately (for example, the spill will be cleaned up or the broken stair fixed), and you will have no way of proving what the accident scene looked like before your injury.  
  • Reporting the accident and corresponding injuries to the proper authorities and property owners, and obtaining a copy of this report.  
  • Keeping record of all documents and correspondence related to the accident.  
  • Not discussing anything with an insurance adjustor without first speaking with an attorney.    

What makes Smyth Nora different from other law firms in New York?  

The attorneys in our office take pride in only handling a select number of cases. Attorney Edmund Smyth, the founding partner of the firm, practices in the areas of Civil Litigation and Estate Planning and Administration. He received a Juris Doctor from New York Law School in 1997, and earned a Bachelor of Arts degree from Widener University. Mr. Smyth is admitted to practice law in New York State, and is a member of the Suffolk County and New York State Bar Associations. He proudly served as a Staff Sergeant of the United States Marine Corps Reserve.  

Our clients and people in the community regularly contact Smyth Nora, LLP for all of their legal needs, because they know that our attorneys are here to give straightforward answers to the tough questions and cases. We are the only law firm you will ever need. 

If you or someone you care about has suffered an injury from a fall at a construction site or a slip and fall, contact Smyth Nora at 631.271.7500 or by clicking here  for our online contact form.      

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Slip, Trip and Fall Accidents

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