Sheriff’s Deputy Hits, Kills Teen in Long Island Expressway Accident

Posted on Apr 09, 2012

A teenage boy died Wednesday, March 14, in a Long Island auto accident when another driver hit him while he stood next to his stalled car on the highway.

William Schettino, 18, was headed to Suffolk County Community College for a class just before 6 p.m. when his car stalled in the westbound lanes of the Long Island Expressway. He pulled the vehicle over onto the left median and put on his hazard lights. Then he called 911 and his mother before getting out of the car on the passenger’s side. 

Richard Tedesco, a five-year-veteran of the Suffolk County sheriff’s deputy, was also headed westbound in the left lane of the highway. He did not see the stalled vehicle until the last minute.

The deputy swerved to hit the vehicle but in doing so hit the teen who was standing next to the stalled car. Schettino was rushed to the Stony Brook University Medical Center, where he died.

According to a preliminary investigation, it appears that glare from the sun momentarily blinded Tedesco, blocking Schettino from his sight.  A spokesperson for the Suffolk County Sheriff’s Department said that, at this time, no charges were expected to be filed against Tedesco for the accident. The investigation into the crash will not be complete for a few months.

Relatives of Schettino said the teen had an artistic gift and hoped to get into graphic design.

The Long Island car crash attorneys at Smyth Nora express our condolences to the Schettino family for their loss.

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